Oh no it’s broken?!..!

April 6th, 2010

A Little Bit Of Lighting Knowledge Goes A Long Way..

It must be a shock to wait for a chandelier for weeks only to open the box to find something that looks more like a joke from IKEA than the pretty picture you had in your head.  Many people don’t know that often a light fixture will come in pieces, shrink-wrapped onto cardboard flats with directions from non-existent to detailed, numbered and coded.  Of course if you think about it this makes perfect sense… how could they possibly ship a delicate glass light half-way across the world if it were completely assembled without major breakage but this obvious statement is little consolation to the weeping, crestfallen consumer who looks down at the family fortune and thinks woe is me, now i have to hire someone to assemble this thing!  So word to the wise, if you are buying an Italian glass chandelier expect the light to arrive in pcs and either factor into your budget about 3 hours extra for an electrician to put the thing together or if you are taking it on yourself stock up on coffee and patience.  One other word to the wise is don’t hire your neighbor handyman for this job. you will end up paying the same amount of money as if you hire an experienced electrician who has put a few of these babies together before vs. teaching the neighborhood “Joe”.

Charge on though! it’ll be worth the effort. Celebrate Light.

smart and green

March 17th, 2010

Pioneers in LED technology Smart and Green comes out with a rechargable, waterproof, unbreakable and economically friendly light that is just a lot of fun! now available at lunaria


March 1st, 2010

So you’ve heard us oogling over our newest lighting addition at Lunaria. Brand van Egmond is here from the Netherlands and each fixture is simply INCREDIBLE. BVE manufactures products that are handmade with a character of their own. Raw materials, consisting of steel and crystal form the basis of Brand van Egmond designs. These materials are applied in a contemporary manner and each item produced is labeled with its own number and seal.

When I first saw an image of BVE’s “Icy Lady” its style held what I recognized to be, an uncanny resemblance to that of Lady Gaga. If she were a light she would be the Icy Lady. Then as I looked through the catalog further I noticed that each fixture is abstract, strange and contorted while remaining entirely intriguing, inspiring & beautiful. To some folks, these lights may be over the top on the whimsy scale, just as the provocative costuming of Lady Gaga may be off-putting to others. Yet both are entirely original and superior at their own artistry…one in sculptural lighting, the other in music.

BVE is up and on display

February 23rd, 2010

We had a whole lot of fun in the shop over the last few days putting up our new Brand Van Egmond display and moving everything around in the shop. It sure looks great in here!

After hours of sweat and ladders….

February 12th, 2010

the showroom is almost brand new. Granted i think there is as much work to do as what has already been done it’s always a great feeling to shift everything around and of course add new fixtures to the mix. Our Brand Van Egmond display arrived and boy it puts everything else to shame.  When something is good it just makes me smile and even the hardware that actually holds these fixtures up is good!

i’ll post photos after the shop is complete! stay tuned.

EUP - by 2016 no non-directional lamps allowed in Europe

February 4th, 2010

please read this article from Vesoi from the EUP


the first “client dance” & coming to the dance prepared

February 4th, 2010

what i love more than anything is that period in time when you are first getting to know a client. To me it reads like a “first dance” with someone you really want to like you. It’s always a challenge to go deep and get in there fast. The evaluation of someones needs, wants and desires and the ultimate question of whether you belong together is perhaps one of the most interesting elements of the crazy thing called “interior design”.

Where lighting is concerned and through the portal of Lunaria i have many more opportunities to focus in on this initial exchange.  And while it might be more simplistic in its range it is perhaps more difficult in its’ practice. The following few tips might help you as a consumer to bring your goods to the table so you get what you want when meeting with us at the shop or anyone who is helping you in a design capacity.

1. Have as many visual props as possible - a photo of your space, images of things you like, even a floorplan of your space if possible.

2. know your size limitations that will factor into your decision. The size of your room, the size of your table, the height of your ceiling.

3. Have a sense of what you want to spend. Ultimately there are hundreds of solutions so knowing up front where you budget lies will help you find a filtered down list of your options. After all that $100,000 chandelier will always beat out the $10,000 one!

4. Get real about timelines. Know when you need things and if you will be willing to wait. I understand this need to have something done but honestly if you think about how long something will live in your space waiting an extra month or two for the right thing is so worth the wait!

there are more hints for sure but this is a good start.

a play on whimsy

January 22nd, 2010

One of the things i like most is when lighting manufacturers take something that we use everyday and somehow transform it into a light fixutre. Quasar demonstrates this idea very will with their doccia wall light that plays off the idea of a rainshower and uses crystals as a play on water.

Doccia Square

Using Technology in Design today

January 20th, 2010

As is

With BVE Light

Used to be that designers kept the secret of how something would look until the “unveiling” at the completion of a project or delivery of an item but now that’s just not the case. From Google’s Sketch-up to Adobe Acrobat’s Photoshop there are so many ways now to help clients visualize how there space can transform. Here at Lunaria we offer a service where we can take a photo of a customers’ room and superimpose into it an image of the chandelier they are considering. This is useful and has helped to solidify decisions for many people.  And don’t limit yourself with lights, we use this same technology for rugs, wall colors, you name it! Now we are talking basic plug and play but technology can go much farther with the right amount of time allocated to the process.

BVE is on its’ way

January 19th, 2010

I’ve been a Brand Van Egmond fan for years and been in pursuit of making them one of our vendors for as long as the store has been in business. Towards the end of last year this dream finally became a reality for us at Lunaria and i’m pleased to say our display is finally on its’ way.  Stay tuned for more details and images of the fixtures when they arrive. THEY ARE SHOWSTOPPERS!!!